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How to Install HadoopLink?

Posted 9 years ago

Hello, I am trying to use the HadoopLink package for the first time, and running into a few challenges. I am hoping someone out there is using this successfully, and might have some tips for a smooth installation in the current version of mathematica (10.2 at the time of writing this).

I have downloaded the open-source project and I am following along with HadoopLink installation instructions on GitHub.

I have unpacked the .zip and placed the HadoopLink folder (and only that folder, not the entire unpacked project) into my $User/Libarary/Mathematica/Applications folder, and loaded the package using:

<< HadoopLink`

But when I proceed to the next step, and execute this code...

link = OpenHadoopLink[
   "" -> "hdfs://",
   "mapred.job.tracker" -> ""];


Mathematica output spews a bunch of Java exceptions (attached). Anybody have more detailed instructions on setting up HadoopLink? Maybe I should have put the entire project folder into the /Applications folder instead. I will try that now...

POSTED BY: Caitlin Ramsey
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