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New to Walpha: what's wrong with this input?

Hi All,

Tried to input the following which I already had to simplify to fit the query length, but still not having any luck. Can't understand what is wrong with this query since based on the examples I saw, this should be understood. plot G(x,y) where G(x,y)=(10+650V(y)+3.7V(y)^2) + (39-170V(y)+134V(y)^2)U(x) + (3.3+32V(y)-36V(y)^2)U(x)^2, V(y)=(y-5)/(860-5), U(x)=(x-1)/(388-1)

I've already tried lots of variants around this formulation to no avail ...



5 Replies

Thanks Bill & Okkes. I discovered I could input formulas similar to what Okkes sent on this site.

Posted 9 years ago

I attached the file..

POSTED BY: Okkes Dulgerci
Posted 9 years ago

Barely fits


It would be nice if anyone could point to a paragraph somewhere that described exactly how to get WolframAlpha to consistently understand user function definitions and user variable assignments to allow shortening of input for successful evaluation.

POSTED BY: Bill Simpson

That isn't possible. Wolfram|Alpha is designed to give verbose answers to simple inputs, not vice versa. Definitions are not an available feature. As Laurent noted, the best choice for multi-line evaluation is Mathematica or the Wolfram Programming Cloud.

POSTED BY: Jesse Friedman
Posted 9 years ago

. example of variable assignment in WolframAlpha

But you state that is not possible.

I believe I have also seen examples of function definition in WolframAlpha, but I can't find one at the moment.

The issue seems to be finding the notation that consistently works correctly.

POSTED BY: Bill Simpson
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