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List of browsers supported by Wolfram Cloud


Wolfram Cloud doesn't seem to support many browsers currently in use. For example, I have issues with filling web-forms (FormFunction[]) when using Internet Explorer 9,0. I wonder if Wolfram Research keeps a list of supported browsers, so I could check if my client uses an unsupported browser and recommend to use a better supported one. Also, is there a *proffered" browser to use WolframCloud aps?

Thanks in advance, Stas

POSTED BY: Truly Unique
2 Replies

John, does this include the browser in a chromebook?

POSTED BY: Jonathan Miller
Posted 9 years ago

We support the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. I would recommend using the latest version of Internet Explorer (11) as well. Chrome usually gives the best performance.

POSTED BY: John Pacey
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