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set cursor in an InputField

Posted 9 years ago

n = 1;x = {Null}; Dynamic[Grid[ Table[With[{i = i}, {i, InputField[ Dynamic[x[[i]], (If[NumericQ[#], x[[i]] = #; AppendTo[x, Null]; n++]) &], ImageSize -> 50]}], {i, n}]]]

I'm trying to create a form to input lists. If you enter a value in the empty InputField, then appears a new InputField for the next value. Is it possible, that the cursor is automaically in this new InputField, so that you can start entering the new value without choosing the InutField with your mouse?

Greetings from Switzerland.

POSTED BY: Juerg Baertsch
2 Replies
Posted 9 years ago

Thx for the link. My skills are not good enough yet to understand the solution there, but I will try it!

POSTED BY: Juerg Baertsch

This answer and links from this topic should help you:

POSTED BY: Kuba Podkalicki
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