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We have lost a friend

POSTED BY: Daniel Lichtblau
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Posted 9 years ago


POSTED BY: Kyle Jiang

I also feel sorry for these devastating news.

I came across Jaime's work last year, while I was devising an algorithm to tile polyominoes using GPUs. His paper Polyominoes and Related Families was clear-cut and comprehensive. It just give me the core information I was looking for. Apart from that, and this is the reason I sympathize so much with your pain, we can pretty much see his ideas taking shape and his joy of playing with the problem. In a certain sense it was a personal account that many of us easily identify with.

We can clearly see how blessing he was, saving his close friends from suffering and being so involved with the people he loved. Thank you for your testimony, which just makes us wonder how beautiful he was: a flare of the glory to come. May the Lord comfort you, his cherished ones and all the people who were influenced somehow by his earthly life.

POSTED BY: Alexandre Soares
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