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word problems ??

Posted 9 years ago

I need a word problem solver for algebraic expressions ..

POSTED BY: shawn lavoie
Posted 9 years ago

example , one angle of two complementary angles is 20 degrees more than the other angle . find the measures of the two angles . I need to set up the formula , then solve the expression . does wolfram offer this type of help for the beginner . I know it may be simple for some . but in order for me to understand this lingo , I need to see it visually ... im not one to just want the answers . I want to see how the problem is worked out for myself . that's why I bought the pro .. I do the work , then I plug in the problem to see if I come up with the same answer . this program is like a tutor and I thank you for the software maker .. but need a story or word problem solver too .. another example : the sum of three consecutive intergers if the first is n ? really ?

POSTED BY: shawn lavoie
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