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What are the comands: "GraphicsComplex3DBox","CylinderBox" and "SphereBox"?

Posted 9 years ago

When I use "ChemicalData" and I analyze the program's code in 3D graphics, functions appear as "GraphicsComplex3DBox", "CylinderBox" and "SphereBox". The Wolfram Documentation does not recognize. What are these functions and how they are used? . Some 3D graphics do not exist (eg. 3-bromo-5-nitrotoluene) and I would do it. I send a Mathematica file.

POSTED BY: Marlon Basantes

These are low level graphics formatting directives that are generated by higher level functions like Cylinder, Sphere, and so on. Use the high level constructs to build your custom graphics. Take a look as the documentation for Sphere to see some examples of building molecular models out of spheres and cylinders:

POSTED BY: David Reiss
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