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Where can I get the full nb file?

Posted 9 years ago

Hello to all of you again, I share with you some doubts i have, the first of these comes after searching on the internet something linked to the solution of the Rubik's cube with Mathematica, then i found the video entitled Introduction to Image Introduction to Image Processing--Solving the Rubik's Cube from Pictures, download the file that is in the description of the video, I am aware that only has very little information that can serve me and then I have the following question : Where can I get the full nb file?, wanting to overcome the above-mentioned circumstance, I try to consult the website that he is mentioned in the file, but without success, because such a page not it is my browser, would anyone know if such a page yet exists?, or could someone give me the two phase algorithm, waiting for being clear enough about my doubts I do not have more to thank in advance for any help you can give me.

This page is not found in my browser.

page not found

Thanks again.

POSTED BY: Luis Ledesma
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Not being able to browse to the site, in particular, does not sound like a Mathematica issue. Try the link in previous sentence. If this fails then please ask the moderators if they can accommodate your request; the files are not mine to share (not my work). Additionally there are other freely available web browsers.

Nevertheless, there may be a Mathematica solution where your web browser seems to fail. (This site cube uses frames; could be the issue with your web browser setting for frames; however does not use frames.) If you are using the version 9 or above of Mathematica then you can use the URLSave[] function.

URLSave["", "C:\\"]

Please use your own preferred path for saving this zip file.

POSTED BY: Hans Michel
Posted 9 years ago

Hello Hans Michel, thanks a lot for your support to resolve my doubts, I downloaded the file that you have shared, but at the time of consult the link on page 6 of the file the following happens in my browser

error in web browser

Later when trying to refer to the page to download the zip file, returns to the same thing is happening again, still cannot understand why I have this problem.

second error

I ask you please if it is between your possibilities, to be able to share the file to me zip where this TwoPhase.m.

Thanks in advance and best regards

POSTED BY: Luis Ledesma

I don't quite understand, what exactly are your looking for or having issues with?

  1. Did you reach out to WRI support (other than here)?
  2. The "Luc Barthelet" 2012 Wolfram Technology Conference Mathematica slides are located on the WRI website (
  3. He credits "Herbert Kociemba" in his "IntroductionToImageProcessingSolvingTheRubiksCubeFromPictures.nb" located for download above and also has a working hyperlink to "" on Slide 6..
  4. Herbert Kociemba's site has "Paypal" donation link but in no way do I see a outright dollar amount; nevertheless makes a Mathematica package available of his work "" . Which contains a zip file whose contents include "TwoPhase.m"
  5. "RubikImageProcessing.m, animateCube.m" seem to be the work of "Luc Barthelet". They look to be packages not notebooks.

.Given the video, the slides, the "TwoPhase.m" package is it possible for someone to reproduce the work in the conference?

  1. Take two pictures of Rubik's Cube (to include all six sides in combined pictures)
  2. Image Process pictures to get initial layout in a specific format
  3. Send Initial Format to "TwoPhase.m" package function
  4. Let it solve the cube
  5. Take Output of Rubik's Cube Moves and animate

Looks like "Luc Barthelet" has already done this work. I would interpret your question then to be asking for "Luc Barthelet" work from this conference.

POSTED BY: Hans Michel
Posted 9 years ago

Thank you very much for everything, finally I have the file that interests me, your recommendation to use URLSave was what helped me to get it, I hope understand you the majority of code.

I think that this will help me too to understand more functions and methods in mathematica.

Thanks again.

Luis Ledesma

POSTED BY: Luis Ledesma
Posted 9 years ago

Hello, after searching for incessantly more information on the internet on the subject, I have learned of a rumour where is says that it must pay to the wolfram research for the notebook the full amount of $150 which makes me an exaggerated amount, i hope that it s only a rumor, i'm still asking for your help to tell me where I can find the complete file, in the following image is a file that has two phase.m that i have never seen..

Greetings to all..


POSTED BY: Luis Ledesma
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