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Replace variables with general arguments with functions of the arguments

Posted 9 years ago

Hello, I am manipulating lists of pairs of elements like {x[i][t] y[j][1],y[j][1]y[k][t1]...}. Each element has two indices and I would like to replace each pair by a function as follows:

when there are two x's: x[i][t] x[j][t1] -> A[i,j,t,t1] ; when there is one x and one: x[i][t] y[j][t1] -> B[i,j,t,t1] ; when there are any 2 y's: y[j][t1] y[k][t1] -> 0.

where A,B are functions of 4 arguments that I have defined elsewhere. I would like to do this without having to give explicit values to the i,j,t,t1 and loop over them. How could this be done? Thank you in advance and best wishes,


2 Replies

This works, thank you!

You can try with a replacement rule:

repl = {x[i_][t_] x[j_][t1_] :> A[i, j, t, t1],
   x[i_][t_] y[j_][t1_] :> B[i, j, t, t1],
   y[i_][t_] y[j_][t1_] -> 0};
{x[i][t] y[j][1], y[j][1] y[k][t1]} /. repl
POSTED BY: Gianluca Gorni
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