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Monte Carlo - Business Plan

Posted 9 years ago


I would like to use "Monte Carlo" in my Business Plan with "Mathematica 10".

My goal is to program a simulation and then create a presentation with the "CDF Player software".

I have seen that there are different solutions on the market:

  • Crystal Ball (by Oracle)
  • @Risk
  • Risk Solver
  • DFSS Master
  • RiskAMP Add-In for Excel
  • Risk Analyzer

But I still think that Mathematica can be the perfect solution for my simulation because I can create a presentation tailored to investment groups.

Anyone have experience with the "Monte Carlo method" to apply to Business Plan?

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind Regards,

David Vila

POSTED BY: David Vila

What problem are you trying to solve? Your description here is very vauge.

Are you trying to model something specific? Is it like a Value at Risk model?

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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