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Connect 2 Pi's with a router / parallelcomputing

Posted 9 years ago
POSTED BY: Michael Steffen
4 Replies

Does anyone know if it is possible to get the 'Lightweight Grid Manager' for the Raspberry?

POSTED BY: Michael Steffen
POSTED BY: Michael Steffen
POSTED BY: Jose Calderon

I am now able to ping the second pi, I can open wolfram through commandline with
"ssh pi@192.... wolfram' - but I am still not able to get its kernel run inside Mathematica...

Any ideas how to correct setup kernel-properties? 'Basic options'+remote and entering its Ip as hostname always gives me

The kernel New Kernel failed to connect to the front end. (Error = MLECONNECT). You should try running the kernel connection outside the front end.

when trying to start its kernel.

POSTED BY: Michael Steffen
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