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Problem with cyrillic in ExportForm function

Posted 9 years ago

I tried to deploy a simple function:



but it did not give the desired result. I tried to use:

SetOptions[$CharacterEncoding, CharacterEncoding -> "UTF8"];


ExportForm["??????!",{"PNG", CharacterEncoding->"UTF8"}]

Unfortunately, nothing helped. Tell me, please, how to fix it?

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Dear all, we are aware of this issues and looking into them.

POSTED BY: Moderation Team

Thank you! Do you know any workaround? - I really need to get it working...

POSTED BY: Truly Unique

Thank you, Sam! Here is my minimal code

CloudDeploy[FormFunction[{"x","??????!"}-> "String",#x&]]

In the browser (I use Safari on Mac) the label "??????!" changes to \:xxxx codes. I fix this with Rasterize[], as suggested above.

In general, not being a professional programmer, I'd say that using non-English characters in Wolfram Cloud is quite confusing. I would really appreciate your insights on this subject.

POSTED BY: Truly Unique

One more thing, Sam! Try to submit this form with some Russian input, for example you can copy this string "??? ??? ???" (meaning "one two three"). The output #x& should preserve the string, but I get some weird characters instead...

POSTED BY: Truly Unique

Because original poster seems AFK, @Stas Polonsky it would be nice to see the minimal code you wish would work but does not for you.

POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie

I am not sure what is this about, this works for me:


and how is this different from Rasterize if it does exactly the same thing as exported to PNG.

POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie

I know, but this is a kind of ugly. I would prefer Cyrillic to work at the first place. Another thing - I can't get Cyrillic input to FormFunction processed right. I ran the web form on Mac. Russian input gives me gibberish.

POSTED BY: Truly Unique

The following seems to work:

 Delayed@ExportForm[Rasterize["??????!", RasterSize -> 75], "PNG"]
POSTED BY: Gianluca Gorni

Any luck solving this problem?

POSTED BY: Truly Unique
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