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Astronomical Computational routines not returning data

Posted 9 years ago

Hey, I am new to Mathematica; just got my copy a couple days ago. I have been trying the Astronomical Computation and Data routines using examples from the docs, but many of them don't return data. This is typical:

In: PlanetData["Properties"] Out: PlanetData["Properties"]

I've read that "PlanetData", etc., have replaced "AstronomicalData", but "AstronomicalData" returns real data. This happens with other routines, like "MineralData".

What am I missing?

Running version on Macos 10.9.5.

Thanks for any help.

POSTED BY: David Watson

I'm not able to reproduce the problem. It might be some kind of fluke. Both of these should work.

I would first try following this article which walks you through resetting your installation to its default settings:

I know you might not think you've done anything to warrent going through this, but you likely have downloaded paclets by evaluating functions so it's worth a try.

If you are still seeing issues, I would contact Wolfram Technical Support (

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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