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FunctionPeriod don't work with PowerModList?

Posted 9 years ago

My program (WM 10.02): FunctionPeriod[PowerModList[n, 1/4, 9], n, Integers]


PowerModList::arg1 : "The first argument [NoBreak]\!(n)[NoBreak] \ of PowerModList is not an integer. (many same words) 0

When i try

FunctionPeriod[Mod[n, 9], n, Integers]

it works, answer: 9

Maybe, it's a bug (or it's only on my comp)?

2 Replies

You are right, i think.

maybe, in the next version WM we'll see more options of FunctionPeriod...

It seems that PowerModList is only designed for numeric n. Perhaps because it is a list-valued function, not a numeric-valued function. I may be wrong, though.

POSTED BY: Gianluca Gorni
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