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plot of appell function

Posted 8 years ago
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plot[AppellF1[1/2, 1, 1, 3, 2/(2 -[Gamma]), 4/( 4 -[Gamma])], {Gamma, 0, 15}]

in copying above gamma symbol is replaced by Gamma... just to check is there any error in the syntax...

not getting the plot

POSTED BY: shilpi gadi
Posted 8 years ago

Mathematica is fiercely case sensitive. plot is unknown. Plot is a Mathematica function.

AppellF1 does a doubly infinite summation and for some arguments can be very slow to compute.

Plot may evaluate the function hundreds or even thousands of times when trying to show a precise image.

Sometimes for slow functions doing


for suitable numeric constants a,b,c can more quickly give you an approximate indication of the behavior of the function f[x].

POSTED BY: Bill Simpson
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