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Permissions -> "Public" for Wolfram Cloud

Posted 9 years ago


So, I've never coded anything ever before and I know nothing. But i'm delighted to say with ten minutes of observing i've used the cloud to create a little thing that will make the word "hi" appear in a box in various sizes. I'm delighted.

I can show people if i show them my screen, but if i try to make it so other people can see it online using their computer, it doesn't work.

Any idea how i can make it publicly viewable? (I'm just on the free version of the cloud for now).

Here's my code:

CloudDeploy[APIFunction[{"size"->"Number"}, Style[Framed["hi.", ImageMargins -> 80],
Red, #size,  FontFamily -> "Verdana"]&, "GIF"]Permissions -> "Public"]

If I take the Permissions bit off then it will show it to me nicely on the cloud (if i put a size query on the end of the URL). But if i add that on, then it just gives me a page with the code printed on, which is less impressive.

Any help/advice most welcome!

POSTED BY: Alice Reading
2 Replies
Posted 9 years ago

That works! Thanks Sam - shows I know nothing, but now i know a little more! (My friends also know nothing about coding and are therefore very impressed by this!)

POSTED BY: Alice Reading

Did you miss coma right before Permissions -> "Public" ? A simple syntax error can render code non-functional.

POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie
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