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Solving two simultaneous nonlinear second-order partial differential eqns

Posted 9 years ago


I'm going to obtain two functions u(r,\teta) and v(r,\teta) from two nonlinear second-order partial differential equations. I'm using Mathematica via DSolve[{eqn1,eqn2},{u,v},{r,\teta}].

It is two days that my code is running and It has not been solved yet. My question is that if Mathematica is a suitable software for solving such nonlinear second-order PDEs or I need to use more sophisticated software package. I'm thankful for your response and looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

POSTED BY: Maryam Tab

Most nonlinear differential equations do not have a symbolic solution. Have you tried NDSolve, putting in numbers for the parameters in your equations?

POSTED BY: Frank Kampas
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