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Detach seeds from background

Posted 9 years ago

I need to detach seeds from background. At first I have got image with seeds. I have done clusterisation for 2 clusters. file = Import["D:\Mathematica\image.JPG"];(open file)

array = ImageData[file];

imageNew = ClusteringComponents[file, 2] imageNew = Colorize[imageNew]; imageNewData = ImageData[imageNew]; imageNew = Image[imageNewData, "Bit"]

On first image I have got 51 seeds on background. I need to have 51 seeds bit-image after clustering and I need 51 original seed image. Original file is file seeds.jpg. File clusters.jpg I have got by wolfram mathematica. I made files clustering-seed-1.jpg and original-seed-1.jpg in paint. I need to get files clustering-seed-N.jpg and original-seed-N.jpg by wolfram mathematica, where N is seed's number. How can I do this?

POSTED BY: Dmitry Dmitriev
2 Replies

Yes. I need to cut 1 big image to 51 small images and each image should have anly seed as shown in pictureenter image description here

POSTED BY: Dmitry Dmitriev

Will ImagePartition be something you can use (especially since the seeds are arranged in a matrix form)?

POSTED BY: Isaac Abraham
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