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version 7 functionality goes away in later releases

Posted 9 years ago

I wrote code to keep track of the effect of a function f on the individual points of a curve. It assigns a color to a point of the input curve and the same color to that point's image under f. The code works in release 7, but not in later releases. Is there a workaround for later releases? Here's an example of the code:

startTime = SessionTime[]; fineness = 500; repart = 1/2; fullSource = {}; fullTarget = {}; sourcePointSet = {}; targetPointSet = {}; For[n = 0, n < fineness, n++; s[n] = repart + I*n/100; t[n] = N[Zeta[s[n]]]; sourcePointSet = Append[sourcePointSet, s[n]]; targetPointSet = Append[targetPointSet, t[n]]];

reSource = Re[sourcePointSet]; imSource = Im[sourcePointSet]; reTarget = Re[targetPointSet]; imTarget = Im[targetPointSet]; scale = 1; For[n = 0, n < fineness, n++; sourceLP = ListPlot[{{reSource[[n]], imSource[[n]]}}, PlotStyle -> {Hue[n/fineness], PointSize[.002]}]; targetLP = ListPlot[{{reTarget[[n]], imTarget[[n]]}}, PlotStyle -> {Hue[n/fineness], PointSize[.002]}]; fullSource = Append[fullSource, sourceLP]; fullTarget = Append[fullTarget, targetLP]; ];

Print[Show[fullSource, PlotLabel -> "critical line"]]; Print[Show[fullTarget, PlotLabel -> " zeta image"]];

endTime = SessionTime[]; Print["execution time ", endTime - startTime]

Here's the output in release 7:

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Barry Brent
2 Replies

The code is a bit inefficient, but it works fine. What you need to do is make sure the PlotRange is showing everything in the Plots. Evaluate this to see the plots you want:

Show[fullTarget, PlotRange -> All]

Show[fullSource, PlotRange -> All]
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Posted 9 years ago


POSTED BY: Barry Brent
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