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Formula memorization program - Need advice about CDF Exportation

Posted 8 years ago

I've written a fairly simple program that uses TabView and RandomInteger tied to a button to randomly pull from formulas embeded in lists to use as a tool to memorize formulas. Basically kind of like flash cards. Its all tied to a button that I click to randomly generate an integer that dynamically updates TabView and pull the formula based on the integer.

Anyway, I've discovered that CDF exports do not allow button use. However I cannot think of any other way to make this work where I could export it and distribute it among my fellow students who might use it. I also cannot figure out how to initialize the required cells upon opening the notebook even though they're flagged to initialize. Any ideas?

Button["Generate New Formula", 
 ri2 := Evaluate[RandomInteger[{1, 19}]], ImageSize -> {150, 50}] (*random number generation*)
for2 := Extract[flst2, ri2] (*Extracts formula from hidden list based on ri2*)
ans2 := Extract[alst2, ri2] (*Extracts Answer another hidden list based on ri2*)
TabView[{Formula -> Dynamic[for2], Answer -> Dynamic[ans2], 
  List Num -> Dynamic[ri2]}] (*TabView displays the question, answer, and formula, answer, and number (coding help) Dynamically updates based on ri2 change*)
POSTED BY: Zach Wolfe
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