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I pressed a command and my code disappeared - how to get is back?

Posted 9 years ago

Hi! I did something unwillingly and my code now looks like that: Cell[BoxData[ RowBox[{ RowBox[{"(", " ", "PARAMETERS", " ", ")"}], "[IndentingNewLine]", RowBox[{ RowBox[{ RowBox[{"e", "=", "0.2"}], ";"}], "[IndentingNewLine]", RowBox[{ RowBox[{"kmax", "=", "100"}], ";"}], "[IndentingNewLine]", RowBox[{ RowBox[{"data", "=", is there a way to get it back in the usual Mathematica language? Thanks!

POSTED BY: Laurent Simula
2 Replies

I think you mean (at least on the Mac) shift command E. (it also is the menu item Cell/ShowExpression)

POSTED BY: David Reiss

(0) Save your notebook, under a different name, in case anything goes wrong. (1) Select cell bracket on the right of that raw stuff (position mouse on it and click, if this is not familiar). (2) Shift-control-eh (shift command e on Mac).

(Thank you David Reiss for correcting my earlier mistaken version.)

POSTED BY: Daniel Lichtblau
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