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Does ListStreamPlot modify its input dataset?

Hi I am looking at some simple electricity and magnetism problems and want to use various tools to look at the electrostatic vector field. In my attached (M10) notebook I try to use ListStreamPlot and ListVectorPlot as alternatives to do this. I can get LSP to work but not LVP. The LVP attempt seems to kill my local kernel and two successive calls to LSP produce different results. In the second case the two fixed charges seem to be in a different location!!

Can anyone spot what must be my obvious blunder.

Many thanks for any help.


POSTED BY: David Mackay
Posted 9 years ago

Your notebook also crashes the kernel on my machine on 10.2 on Win7 Pro. The crash occurs after the second plot is generated, which as you say does not agree with the first. I suggest sending the notebook to tech support.

POSTED BY: David Keith
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