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Spanish/English entangled menus in Mathematica V10.2

Posted 9 years ago

Hi all, This my first post in the Community looking for help.

The following sounds as a bug in the Spanish support of v10.20.

My OS is a Windows 8.1 Spanish version.

It seems that the installation procedure of V10.2 recognized this fact and set the «Edit>Preferences>Interface>Language» to «Spanish». Since I am used to the English configuration since the very beginning (v2.1) and I prefer to work with the English version of the front end, the first thing I did after bumping into the Spanish interface was to reset «Edit>Preferences>Interface>User Interface Setting>Language» drop down to «English».

But for some reason, I think, V10.2 got messed up and though it retains the «English» value in the «user interface setting»> Languaje, the Menu Item keeps presenting partially the «Spanish» wording, I say partially because some of the drop-down menus appear in English and some others in Spanish, although not always; «not always» means that the same options appears different (either English or Spanish) in different Mathematica v10.2 sessions. I found this erroneous behaviour in the drop-down menu tab «File (English)/Archivo (Spanish)», I cannot tell about any other tab yet, although some of the basic choices as «messages» and «Find and Replace» under the drop-down tab «Ventana/windows» keep appearing in English intermixed with other options in Spanish. Curiously the option (in Spanish) «Edit>Preferencias…» takes to a window «Preferences» with all the stuff in English.

I sent the issue to Wolfram customer service during the trial period of V10.2, asking for a way to reset the interface to English and was told to come to the Community looking for help. They added that the problem could be due to the fact that I had had a previous Spanish package language (?) in a previous version, but In fact I have never had such a thing, and in any case V10.2 should be isolated from the rest of the stuff in my computer. In summary, I think,

In summary, I want my menu Items in English, How to make the Matematica v10.2 to do it so?

Perhaps something in the ‘OptionInspector’? I checked out the Global Preferences>International Options>Language and found it is set to «English»

I will appreciate your help.

Thank you.


2 Replies
Posted 9 years ago

Hi Bianca,

Thank you,

Your suggestion did work, I held Shift+Ctrl during start up and, in fact, it reset the installation (the frontend part) to English.

I guess the problem has something to do with the specific Spanish language support that Wolfram announced is implementing (or has implemented) in Mathematica and perhaps has released in V10.2 as a pre-version.

Anyway, I had submitted the issue to the Technical Support team, let us see which their response is because the issue still exits for those who wanted to use the Spanish interface, I bet there are a lot of people in that situation, but I presume too that Wolfram has a hard task ahead to unify the interface because there a is a lot of material in English behind the surface of the fronted.

in summary thanks to both you and Wolfram, translating the interface to Spanish is a very nice idea, there is a 500 millon people potential market beyond it.

Many thanks again



Hi Martin,

since this seems to be a problem with front end preferences, you can try resetting them by holding Shift+Ctrl during startup as described here:

If that doesn't help, then I have no idea either... Well, short of actually digging through preference settings files manually. Strange that support should re-direct you to the forums... For what it's worth: I haven't had this problem, and I also run a non-English OS version. I did get German annotations that attempted to translate the names of functions, but they were easy to switch off and didn't interfere with any other settings.

I hope you can resolve the problem soon.


POSTED BY: Bianca Eifert
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