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"Classify" giving incorrect results for "Sentiment" ?

Hi, I tried to use the built-in "Classify" function with "Sentiment" option for classifying simple sentences as listed below.

Classify["Sentiment", "That John is a good football player is an incorrect statement"] => Positive

Classify["Sentiment", "That John is a good football player is a false statement"] => Positive

Classify["Sentiment", "It is not wrong to say that she is a nice person"] => Negative

Classify["Sentiment", "It is not false that she is a nice person"] => Negative

As you can see, the classifications are all incorrect. Do I need to train the classifier? How?



I think Sentiment built-in classifier is for regular English use. Are you trying to check Sentiment or convoluted logic? Even if you train your classifier to be better at a bit logically convoluted statements, then you can always make them even more logically confusing and the classifier would fail again. But then it would not be really a regular-life English at all. So you have to figure out what you really need. Sentiment built-in classifier works great with most sentences in regular every-day English. It cannot be trained, I think. If you need some other type of English you can train Classify function as shown in many examples in docs.

POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie
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