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Mathematica doesn't evaluate roots at all.

Posted 9 years ago

It appears that Mathematica is not evaluating roots of any form at all. N[ ] does not work. It just leaves numbers such as sqrt 2 + sqrt 3. It does not even bother to evaluate something like sqrt 4. Is there a setting that I have changed that causes this, or do I need to reinstall it?

POSTED BY: Siddhant Shah
3 Replies

You can try control-=, then "sqrt 2 + sqrt 3", if you don't know the proper syntax, and Mathematica will try to guess what you mean. It will show its guess as a properly formed expression, which you can accept and evaluate.

POSTED BY: Michael Rogers
Posted 9 years ago

Mathematica requires correct syntax, and is case sensitive. It also distinguishes between exact and approximate numbers.

In[1]:= (* it returns the same to represent an exact number *)

Out[1]= Sqrt[3]

In[2]:= (* we can ask for an approximate representation *)

Out[2]= 1.73205

In[3]:= (* or if we give it an approximate number, we get one back *)


Out[3]= 1.73205
POSTED BY: David Keith
In[1]:= N[Sqrt[3]]

Out[1]= 1.73205

In[2]:= N[Sqrt[3], 100]

Out[2]= 1.\
POSTED BY: Frank Kampas
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