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turn this frequency into its cycle time.

Posted 9 years ago

360/phi number/phi number x 1000 x 1000/60/60= frequency

POSTED BY: paul marcoux
2 Replies
frequency = 360/GoldenRatio/GoldenRatio*1000*1000/60/60;
period = 1/frequency

This is an extremely basic question, as the period (in seconds) of a given frequency (in hertz) is simply 1/frequency. I suggest you find a forum dedicated to pure mathematics, as the Wolfram Community is solely for the discussion of subjects related to Mathematica and the Wolfram Language.

POSTED BY: Jesse Friedman
Posted 9 years ago

The frequency is a irrational number (it goes on forever).. I cant seem to figure out what to put after the answer.. Example: (360/phi number/phi number10001000/60/60 = frequency) (1/frequency) <<< This expression does not equal the cycle time as the answer..

How would I express this function to convert the frequency to cycle time?

Is there a reciprocal or inverse function?

POSTED BY: paul marcoux
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