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How to upload images using API?

Posted 6 years ago
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We are trying to use API to identify some images in Python but could not find any way to upload our images. Is it possible for us to upload our own images and identify them? If yes, can you provide any sample codes or documents?


2 Replies

Are you familiar with how to use an API in general? What API are you using? Or are you looking to make an API that can do image identification?

I recommend looking at this short tutorial. It covers how to make an API and gives an example of using that API in both Python and Java:

Did you find an answer to this question? I could only create an API that uses online images. But, I couldn't find any way to upload local images to the server. The closest I found is a LocalObject, but this seem local to the cloud, not to my computer. Or using a form to upload a local image, but in this case it should be uploaded automatically by the code.

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