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Computational geometry in Mathematica

Posted 11 years ago
Dear community members,

We are currently implementing a discrete lattice-free model for simulating the growth of fungi, and our implementation could really benefit from built-in functions for determining the intersection between lines, a line and a polyhedron, and so on. Unfortunately, such computational geometry features do not seem to be built-in in Mathematica.

Anyone who is aware of a dedicated package that cover classical computational geometry functionalities.


Jan Baetens
POSTED BY: Jan Baetens
I found a computational geometry package that may be able to help you. CompG allows you to find intersections between lines and the strength of the intersection. I believe you can also use this package to find intersections between a line and a polyhedron as well. Here is the link to the page in the Wolfram Library Archive:

- Hope this helps.

Nicholas Lucas
POSTED BY: Nicholas Lucas
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