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how to deal with the product of diracdelta function under integral?

Posted 6 years ago
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Hi guys, I am working with a theoretical civil engineering work and I am encountering a problem when I want to calculate the product of two DiracDelta under the integration, However according to a published scintific paper, the product of two DiracDelta could be considered as a constant multiply by the diracdelta, so that mathematica is able to calculate the integration. But the problem is the calculation of the integral of the product of the derivative of two diracdelta, and unfortunately there is no suggestion for substitution. Because mathematica does not yield anything if you try the above expression under integral. I would be eternaly greatful for any suggestions.

2 Replies

Absent Mathematica code with the DiracDeltas in question it is effectively impossible to provide guidance.

If the two delta functions have one common variable, you can use the identity: delta(x1-x) delta(x-x2) = delta(x1-x2)

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