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How Can I Disable Printing in CDFs?

Posted 4 years ago
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Hello everyone,

I'd like to build some light security into the CDFs I create for my students. How can I disable printing and copying of images and text? I can do that with PDFs in the Preview PDF app for Mac's, and I'm hoping I can do it with CDFs. I know that the effectives of this security is minimal, but along with a built-in expiration, this added security will slow information leakage a little.


3 Replies

For some reason my original response got duplicated... see the following for the full text.

I am not sure that there is a way to disable printing. However to address whether the material in the CDF can be copied you can do the following (it is a double layer of protection):

If nb is the NotebookObject of the notebook in question (and perhaps you want to work on a copy of the notebook) then execute the following in a separate notebook prior to generating the CDF from the original notebook):

SelectionMove[nb, All, Notebook]

SetOptions[ NotebookSelection[nb], {Copyable -> False, Editable -> False}]

SetOptions[nb, {Copyable -> False, Editable -> False}] 

Of course if the CDF is opened in Mathematica one can always change these settings.

To set nb to be the NotebookObject of the desired notebook you can just execute


in the desired notebook and then delete that code from the notebook before executing the code above in a separate notebook. (Deleting the nb=EvaluationNotebook[];from the desired notebook keeps it from getting its Copyable and Editable settings from locking it in place.)

Thanks David,

Looks promising. I'll give it a whirl.



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