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Reuse last output (similar to %) for Wolfram Alpha queries

Posted 11 years ago
I don't know if I've not found it, and I don't know if it's a question or an idea. But Wolfram Alpha would be much more valuable to me if I coul use previous results in ruther calculations (like "%" in Mathematica). If this can be done and someone show me how, this will have been a question. If it can't currently be done then it's a (strong) suggestion. Finally, if everyone throws up their hands and says "Rob's an idiot because (it's as easy as ____) (it can never be done because___), I'm willing to live with that. But I'd sure like to be able use WA in that way.
POSTED BY: Robert Ryan
3 Replies
Posted 11 years ago
If I want to use a WA answer in further calculations, I just click on "copyable plaintext," copy it, and paste it back into the question bar.  % wouldn't be practical in WA because you usually get several answers (such as "Alternate Forms") and WA wouldn't know which one you wanted to use.  You can also open up additional browser windows with WA and paste the answer(s) you want to use in them.
POSTED BY: Steve Keeley
Eeyup, those are my current solutions also but I had hoped that there might be an "easier, softer way."

POSTED BY: Robert Ryan
Robert Ryan, you can also oftentimes click directly on a result to use it as a new query, this can make it easier to chain queries together.
POSTED BY: Brad Janes
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