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Wolfram Demonstrations Project

Posted 3 years ago
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Where can I find the entire list of Wolfram Demonstrations Project, without having to browse topic wise?

I found one list, where there were projects listed one after the other (in a column format) example: Cart with pendulum, double pendulum, impact pendulum.... and so on?

Is there a specific link that I can follow to get there?


4 Replies

This page lists them all in order from newest to oldest:

Posted 3 years ago

is there a one, with all the projects listed one after the other, in a column i.e. in a list format?


Cart with pendulum Double Pendulum Impact Pendulum

I saw this page and havent been able to find it since

You can execute something like the following to get a list of the titles (along with the associated string that tells whether it was new or updated). Of course this quick bit of code may break if the layout of the web page changes... it's a quick hack. Here is the code: limited to 100 results

Module[{import, numberOfResults},
 numberOfResults = 100;

 import = 
  Import["[20060401%20TO%2020151120]&start=1&limit=" <> 
    ToString[numberOfResults], "Data"];

 Column[Flatten[import[[3, 1]]]]

which gives

Monopsony in the Labor Market New this week
Minimum Distance Explorer: Circle to Enclosed Polygon New this week
Remainder Graphs New this week
Modular Multiplication on a Circle New this week
Nondiscriminating Monopolist with Two Independent Markets New this week
Chromatographic Reactor New this week
Cross Ratios in the Complex Plane New this week
Sundaresan-Krishnaswamy Technique for Estimation of Process Parameters New this month
Smith's Second-Order Method in Process Dynamics New this month
Smooth Density Histograms for Cellular Automata New this month
Converting Syngas to Ethanol New this month
General Equilibrium with Production: Robinson Crusoe with and without Trade New this week
Convergence of Binomial Option Pricing under Nonconstant Volatility New this month
Stochastic Diploid Model for Gene Frequency in a Population New this month
Boost Composition and Wigner Rotation in Rhodes-Semon Rapidity Space New this month
Pattern Formation in the Kuramoto Model New this month
Biggest Little Polyhedron New this month
Methanol Synthesis Using Gibbs Free Energy Minimization Updated this month
AnglePath New this month
Step Response Using Padé Approximants New this month
Posted 3 years ago

Got it, can see the list of projects now

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