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What happened to all the posts in the old Mathematica student forum?

Posted 9 years ago

There was a lot of very useful Mathematica questions and answers in the old Now when I google something, google only shows the posts from that forum in its archive. The actual posts are gone, and clicking on the google link for the post sends me back to this forum main page, not to the post itself.

This means the old post is lost, other than google having it still in its archive, which means this will also go away one day.

Why can't the remain on-line but disable the ability to post to it? Why remove the whole student forum from Wolfram sites? It has many useful information. I used to answer there myself many times, and now all of those questions and answers are all gone? According to this old post:

The Wolfram Student Forum will be retired on August 6, 2013, as we transition to the new, broader Wolfram Community. Wolfram Community features discussion groups for all Wolfram products, including Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha. You can also connect with like-minded peers on topics like chemistry, geometry, and education.

And don't worry: all discussions on the Student Support Forum will be preserved for reference. We're simply switching this site over to read-only mode as we work to bring the entire Wolfram Community together for learning, sharing, and collaborating.

From the above, we see this

enter image description here

Ok. So where is it? Where did the student forum go? 25817 posts gone?

POSTED BY: Nasser M. Abbasi
2 Replies

That is dissapointing. So basically it's offline. If I read the answer correctly the content will be reviewed to make sure the new technology is well reflected? This begs for the question again:

Will the "good" content be made available in this new forum? As stated by Nasser he put a lot of effort in answering questions and I think this answer is dissapointing. It deserves a bit more care.

I'm also a bit disturbed that the moderator states: Please help us to build strong and positive community. I don't think the question asked was negative in any sense. Perhaps a little bit akward regarding the "do not worry" promise made by Wolfram. Since I'm not a native english speaker I might misinterpret the last sentence.

POSTED BY: l van Veen

Thank you for your concern @Nasser M. Abbasi. The forum was kept open for reading for quite awhile in parallel with Community, as it said in the announcement. But the software system behind the forum was a source of many technical issues and laborious maintenance. There were also many outdated posts that reflected wrongly upon new technology developments. All old forum data are kept for potential future usage of the good content. As it was said in this blog we've made a significant effort developing Wolfram Community and integrated all Wolfram-related topics here under a single platform closing old forums. Now we have advanced tools and potential to grow. Please help us to build strong and positive community.

POSTED BY: Moderation Team
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