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Mathematica Demonstration Initialization Problem with Ubuntu

Posted 3 years ago
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A Demonstration file with the code

Manipulate[a, {{a, 1}, 0, 2}]

gives upon loading the demonstration the following output (before evaluating manually with Shift+Enter)

1. + X Axis

I tested some demonstration from the wolfram site and they too load with wrong initial values for the controllers.

The problem occurs with Ubuntu, I could not reproduce it with Windows.

Please let me know if I can fix this problem.

Thank you, Tukan

3 Replies

I suspect we will need more information (what Demonstration, what specifically did you download, etc.)

Posted 3 years ago

The problem occurs when I create an own Demonstration (New -> Demonstration), add the code

Manipulate[a, {{a, 1}, 0, 2}]

in the Manipulate section, run, save and restart Mathematica.

For the examples from the Wolfram Demonstration Project only some work. Just tried the first one popping up on the webpage ("Quasicrystals" - in the CDF version) and it does not run but produces errors, probably because the Controllers are somehow incorrect initialized.

I tried with Mathematica 9 and 10. My OS is Ubuntu 14.04.

Posted 3 years ago

Still trying to solve this problem...

I think the problem related to the StyleSheet: when I change it from Demonstration to Notebook, the Manipulate initializes correctly when restarting Mathematica.

Please let me know if you have any ideas what to try.

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