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2016 Summer School Applications are live

Posted 6 years ago
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The dates for the Wolfram Summer School are June 19 - July 8 at Bentley University in Waltham Massachusetts.

We just put up an application form for the Wolfram Summer School at Click Apply Now before the new website goes up.

The information on this page is for last year's program (the Innovation page from last year is at ) so don't get confused about the logistical information. This year's page is not live yet, but we were able to quickly put the application on the cloud, taking advantage of FormPage and DataDrop.

The basic new fact of this year's summer school is that there will be one school, with separate tracks for three types of people : scientists, innovators, and educators. The science track follows the tradition from the original NKS summer school which began in 2003, the innovation track follows up on last year's successful Innovation school, and the educational innovation track is brand new. The education innovation track is for educators who want to innovate with Wolfram technologies. More information will be going on the website in a few weeks (hopefully). Please ask questions here (or send email).

Stay tuned for information on the Wolfram High School Summer Camp.

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