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[Job] Talented individuals for Computer-Based Maths team [Wolfram]

Posted 6 years ago
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With the growth of CBM, is looking to hire a person or people to help us update and build our CBM resources, initially on a flexible, short-term basis or potentially longer term.

The role would involve following a style guide on which you would receive training and completing two main tasks:

1 - Writing or editing teacher and student text within a predefined lesson sequence.

2 - Tagging the content for styling options within a Mathematica notebook environment.

You will need to be mathematically capable, to UK A Level equivalent or further and be able to write fluently in British English. You will preferably have some minimal experience of Mathematica or similar but the writing of code is not required for the tasks. Some teaching experience would also be beneficial.

Ideally we would be looking for someone in the UK who could visit the office in Long Hanborough (OX29 8FD) for initial training and any follow up content reviews that would be required for the work done. After successful training you would then need to complete a set number of tasks within a fixed period, working in the office at times, and remotely for a negotiable period, with support of CBM staff.

Initially, we expect the total hours required to be roughly 10-20 days (80-160 hours) to be completed before May 2016. Remuneration will be paid at an agreed amount per task depending upon the size of the content being updated. Further extended employment opportunities may be available for the right person.

If youÂ’re interested, get in touch at:

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