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Varying constant in Matrix algebra to generate 3D plot

Posted 9 years ago

I do have matrix where two constants are used in the middle of process. I'd like to generate 3D plot where x,y,z (= a,b,answer) while I am varying a (0<a<1) and b (0<b<1). Any help will be very appreciable.

a = 0.2(*constants*);
b = 0.5(*constants*);
matrix = RandomReal[{-1, 1}, {4, 2}];
matrix1 = matrix[[All, 1]];
matrix2 = matrix[[All, 2]];
inter1 = a/b matrix1;
inter2 = 1/b matrix2;
inter = inter1 + inter2;
answer = Total[inter]
POSTED BY: Sungwoo Yang
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