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Formats in CDF

Posted 6 years ago
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Hi everyone.

I found a public cdf document in the Wolfram´s Official Page, it´s a book made with cdf. I show screenshots from the mentioned cdf.

enter image description here

enter image description here

In the images, I mark a kind of Index that redirect you to the section selected. I wish to know how to include this in my own cdf documents. Somebody could help or explain me something about that?

Thanks everyone!

5 Replies

I don't remember if that's how the author did it but you can customize the docked cells from package stylesheet which already contains such menu.

AppendTo[$ContextPath, "PackageToolbar`Private`"]
FE`Evaluate @ FEPrivate`FrontEndResource["FEExpressions", "PackageToolbar"]

And put it as DockedCells to your CDF.

Posted 6 years ago

Thanks for your response, Kuba. Regrettably, I have not been able to understand what you have tried to explain me...I donĀ“t know exactly what I have to do with the part of code you show. Thanks anyway!

Posted 5 years ago

Thanks so much for that advise Kuba. i have been also looking for answers on how to include such thing on my cdf docs. your advise will surely work well. check these phen375 reviews for fat loss.

Posted 6 years ago

The most interesting for me, it would be to know, how to include the pull down menu I show in the images, in my own CDFs.

This requires pretty sophisticated user interface programming. In the case you show, the developer created custom code for it. The short version is to make use of a DockedCell, and program the functionality of each pulldown menu in it as you desire. The devil is in the details.

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