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Display Stock information from a list of multiple stocks

Posted 3 years ago
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If you search for a company stock, Wolfram displays a couple of basic information regarding the stock. I want to search now for multiple stocks at a time which are written in a excel sheet. But if I upload this sheet, Wolfram says that it cant cumpute the data. Is it therefore possible to search for multiple stocks at a time? and if it is possbile how can I do it?

Thanks in advance Frederik

Using the FinancialData function in the Wolfram Language you can iterate over a list of standard ticker symbols and return various properties. Something like:

FinancialData[#, "High52Week"] & /@ {"AAPL", "MSFT", "GOOG"}

This will return a list of the values:

{134.54, 56.85, 789.87}

You can find more information on the FinancialData function here.


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