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Extracting financial events from texts?

Posted 3 years ago
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There are some unlabeled corpus and i want to extract financial events from it. For example:relation "funded".

What i did?

I extracted triples (OBJECT, RELATION, OBJECT) from corpus. For relation extraction I use Open Informtion Extraction. But I need only some of this triples (relation "funded").

Text: Every startup needs a steady diet of funding to keep it strong and growing. Datadog, a monitoring service that helps customers bring together data from across a variety of infrastructure and software is no exception. Today it announced a massive $94.5 million Series D Round. The company would not discuss valuation.

From this text i want to extract relation (Datadog, announced, $94.5 million Round)

I have only one idea: use Coreference to detect that 'Datadog' in the first sentence and 'it' in second sentence are the same entity. Try to cluster relations, but i think it's won't work well.

May be there are better approach? May be I need labeled corpus(i haven't it)?

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