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Quantity[] expression entry

The 9.0 documentation on the function Quantity[] says it can be entered using the Alpha ctrl+equal interface. Would someone please explain how?
POSTED BY: Orest Gogosha
2 Replies
Thank you!
POSTED BY: Orest Gogosha
For example, let's say I was interested in knowing what is two time the distance from the earth to the sun in meters.

I can begin by typing "2 *" .  After that, type Ctrl +  "=", holding down the control key while pressing "=", and an orange box will appear. Type into this box "Distance to Sun in Meters":

Hitting Enter/Return will cause the rectange with the orange equal sign to yield a quantity expression which displays as  "1.517 * 10 ^ 11 m ".  If you run InputForm on this result, you will see that it is actually the code: Quantity[3.034*^11, "Meters"]

HItting Shift+Enter at the same time causes the expression to evaluate.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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