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How to extract audio from Youtube Videos?

Posted 11 years ago

I'm new to Mathematica and I'm interested in extracting the audio portion of a youtube video (such as the ones found on KhanAcademy). 
I've messed around with URLFetch and other similar functions, but I don't think they will work.

Has anyone been able to do this? If not, could anyone point me in a possible direction?

6 Replies
Posted 4 years ago

Go to YouTube and copy the video link, open the 4K Video Downloader window, and click "Paste Link". The parsing process should take up to several seconds, depending on the video length. Another smaller window will pop up. Select the "Extract Audio" option.

POSTED BY: Yasmin Hussain

Take a look at With this, you can download YouTube videos as (typically) MP4 or MKV files and then extract the audio from this. AFAIK can also run youtube-dl with a flag to just capture the audio portion.

POSTED BY: Arno Bosse
Posted 4 years ago

There are some YouTube to MP3 converters you can use.

POSTED BY: Updating Name
Posted 4 years ago

Hi, friend. To extract audio from video, I personally use online audio extractor - Clideo or an easy-to-use desktop editor - Joyoshare Media Cutter. Both of them can extract audio from YouTube videos without quality loss. More, the latter can convert the extracted audio to any other format and gives editing tools.

POSTED BY: Ivy White
In most cases, Youtube delivers its videos as Flash content, so there isn't going to be a simple way to import the video and work with it. But, there are a lot of applications people have made online to extract audio like you mentioned which you can find by searching online.

If you want to import a video from Youtube into Mathematica and work with it, I would recommend using an application to convert the video to one of the supportable formats for Import: Most likely you will want to find an application to convert the video to "AVI".
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Thank you Sean! I'll try it out emoticon
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