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Use Manipulate in a ParametricPlot ?

Posted 5 years ago
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Hi, I'm trying to manipulate a Parametric Plot, but I clearly see its not working because I'm not able to fix it, that's why I would love some help. Regards

Manipulate[ParametricPlot[{r Cos[x], r Sin[y]}, {y,1,k}, {x, 0, n}, Mesh -> Full], {n, 0, 2 Pi}, {k, 1, 2}]
2 Replies

Do you mean 2D ParametricPlot?

 ParametricPlot[{r Cos[x], r Sin[x]}, {x, 1, m}, {r, 0, k}, 
  Mesh -> Full, PlotRange -> {{-2, 2}, {-2, 2}}], {m, 0, 5 Pi}, {k, 1,

enter image description here

enter image description here

Did you change the values for x in the manipulate...? My manipulate gives a completely different graph from the the one you show ( circle)...mine gives a square...

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