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How to get wolfram|alpha to simplify equations?

Posted 11 years ago
I am trying to get wolfram alpha to simplify a specific kind of equations, but it is unable to comprehend it. I have equations of the type 3^2 * 3^6 that I want to simply to an exponential form, like 3^2 * 3^6 = ?^?, but when I ask alpha to simplify the equation, I get the answer as the solution to this equation in return.

I know this is not really a question of significance to this community, but please, if any of you knows how to get wolfram|alpha to compute problems of this type and give the results I want, tell me how. Thanks in advance.
POSTED BY: Asad Dhamani
In this case you probably want "factor 3^2*3^6" which return 3^8

For such questions however, you might want to start to use Mathematica instead, as it will give you much more control as you move to the next steps
POSTED BY: Luc Barthelet
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