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Wolfram Alpha Classroom - Problem Generator gone interactive

Posted 4 years ago
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Hello. I was looking at the Wolfram Alpha Problem Generator, and it's awesome. While using it, I though of a neat idea.

Wolfram Alpha Classroom. It's a neat concept that allows interactive online classes.

Teachers may create a teacher account. When they do, they can create classes. Students may join the class (by invitation / by requesting join / free join) and recieve updates for lessons started (optional). They can host lessons with an interactive video chat / regular chat / voice chat where other students may join using the wolfram alpha classroom student panel, where they see all classes they're in and all classes that have active lessons, and when clicking a class you see it's students, teachers, and info, and if the class has an active lesson, when clicking it you join the lesson. The teacher may have a whiteboard where they can draw, type or even insert math expressions, graphs, 3d graphs, etc. The whiteboard is broadcasted to all students, and the teacher may permit certain students to write on the whiteboard in the admin page where they can also kick, mute or ban students from the lesson.

Students need a wolfram alpha account to join classes / lessons, the student registration system is simpler and requires only the First name, last name & email address. Students may join as guests with a direct lesson link. Teachers may hand out online assignments that can be pre-created by them, or generated using the Wolfram Alpha Problem Generator. Then the teacher sees all students and their success rates, who started, who didn't, who failed how many questions and who succeeded how many questions.

Teachers will hold statics of students of alltime lessons. Students may also see their own statistics. There can also be a lesson analyzers, that recognizes where students have trouble.

So, what do you think?

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