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How many samples you could capture per second with Arduino?

Posted 2 years ago
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Good Morning,

I have to do a flow meter using an sensor that changes the frequency of the signal when the flow changes...

I want to use the arduino serial port to read the signal and then send it to Mathematica to process it... The thing is that i need an really nice sample frequency to take the signal as perfect as it can be...

I'd like to know how many samples of my signal per second will be the Mathematica 11 (or 10.1) be able to read... I'll need something between 100~300hz of sample frequency to get it right...

Will Mathematica be able to solve my problem with arduino's serial port?

Hi Marcelo,

There are a few different ways you could do this. One, you could write your own custom sketch using the Arduino IDE that sends the data over the serial port (perhaps something like this), then read that data with Mathematica's Serial port Device Driver.

Alternatively, you could try using DeviceRead normally with the Arduino Driver in Mathematica, but the frequency with which you could sample the signal varies, and so you might have resolution issues there. If I recall correctly, on a recent Macbook Pro, I was able to get around 300 Hz reading a digital signal with the Arduino device driver, but YMMV depending on how fast your computer's processor is, etc.



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