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Windows 10 Deployment and training for Wolfram Language or Mathematica?

Posted 2 years ago
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Hello, I have been developing Windows 10 deployment automation for a while now. I primarily am using Microsoft Windows 10 MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) to accomplish this feat. I also use ADK and DISM frequently. I even have been using PowerShell a lot lately to develop customized Windows 10 deployment automation solutions in enterprise environments and medium to large scale networks.

Now I've been looking for some time to widen my knowledge in order to create more advanced applications of Windows 10 Deployment. I have been looking at things like Microsoft Virtual Academy's Windows 10 Developer Training but it usually tells me that the class is no longer available and has been replaced by a newer class. When looking at the new "course" it is nothing more than a basic video which enumerates a list of instructions of basic Windows 10 deployment topics that I already know about.

Tonight I stumbled upon Wolfram Alpha and Mathematica for the first time and I am impressed about the power of this innovative computational engine. Although I am not sure Wolfram was specifically designed for this, I am actually starting to wonder. Could Wolfram's programming language be used to create innovative ways to implement Windows 10 automated deployment solutions elegantly in fewer lines of code than in PowerShell or other solutions? Moreover, could Wolfram programming language be used to accomplish things that maybe wouldn't even be possible at all, or would be unbelievably more cumbersome using an alternative?

If this is true, does someone here know of a good starting point in terms of what Wolfram documentation, videos, or training courses to start with regarding this sort of thing? Thank you!

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