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Using programming lab to create and push to students custom explorations

Posted 4 years ago
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Good folks,

I would like to use Wolfram Programming Lab to create my own explorations that I can "push" to my physics students to have them explore topics we are covering in class. I have a "Premium" license for the product, which indicates that this can be done with this level of service. However, I am having a hard time figuring out exactly how to go about the following:

  1. Creating my own exploration. I have many years of Mathematica under my belt, so writing the code is not the challenge. I just can't figure out how you get a notebook of code into the "My Explorations" area (if this is where it is meant to go).
  2. Knowing what to do with student accounts. I only want my explorations to be shared with certain individuals (my students). Do I need to have each student register for a Wolfram ID?
  3. How do I then "push" my exploration to those specific IDs so that they see them as available to them when they log in?

Any help you all can provide would be appreciated. It seems as though I am missing some documentation that should cover all of these steps, but I am not finding it on the product website...just tantalizing suggestions that all of this can be done "simply!"



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