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Introducing Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud

Posted 5 years ago
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Last week we announced the official release of Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC), a robust product for organizations looking to realize their enterprise computation strategy. Packaging the Wolfram Cloud as a self-contained virtual machine with additional configuration options, EPC makes the Wolfram technology stack available in a centralized enterprise solution. This means that any organization can now develop and deploy all kinds of cloud services using the full power of the Wolfram Language within its own private infrastructure.

Current Wolfram Cloud users will recognize the advantages of this setup immediately: in-house management of data and computations, custom security policies for user access, direct connections to internal databases and other cloud resources—the list goes on. EPC allows you to choose from the various Wolfram Language development interfaces (desktop, web or mobile) and deployment options (API, the Computable Document Format (CDF), website, etc.) for easy creation of sophisticated applications, from internal reporting and auditing to subscription-based APIs and microservices. Additional options for pre-initialized kernels and scheduled tasks provide high-level optimization and automation. Amazingly, we’ve made these features available in one unified system, providing unprecedented flexibility and interconnectedness.

EPC aims to make high-level computation accessible throughout your organization. For this reason, computational availability is only limited by your kernel count, and you can add as many users as you need. Users can easily and securely share all kinds of Wolfram Language results for immediate interaction. Such ease of information sharing has the potential to both optimize collaborative workflows and maximize the productive output of individual users.

For more information on EPC, read Conrad Wolfram’s release-day blog post, and check out the EPC home page.

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