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Can I use MS Equation Editor in Mathematica 9?

Posted 11 years ago
I have been encountering some real issues when trying to enter text equations using the typesetting templates. 

As soon as I type into a typesetting box, I lose the cursor.  I am unable to click a typesetting box to set focus to it and cannot tell which box has focus as multiple boxes are often highlighted. 

I have no such problems using the equation editor in MS Word 2013.  Is there any way to use the MS equation editor in Mathematica 9?
POSTED BY: Doug Kimzey
Hmm - could you post a screenshot of (say) "multiple boxes highlighted"? I've never had this problem.
It is also much faster not to use the typesetting palettes, in case you were using them - they can all be accessed from the keyboard, with commands like CTRL+6 to get a^b.
POSTED BY: Patrick Stevens
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